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Learn about the custom printed cigarette boxes

Somehow the aisle of the custom printed cigarette boxes caught my attention when we stopped at the departmental store while traveling on the motorway. I was traveling from one state to another to cover a story some two weeks ago.

custom printed cigarette boxes

I needed to travel on the highway with my crew. When we were leaving, all of us were excited about covering the story. But as we returned after spending two weeks on the roads, in the motels, and covering the story, we were tired and just wanted to reach home. I could feel myself zoning out and the only thing that caught my attention after a few hours was the colors of the custom printed cigarette boxes on the retail shelf. As I sat at the table eating my sandwich and coffee, I wondered if the colors on these printed cigarette boxes had a meaning.

There are different cigarettes available for smokers worldwide. Although smoking is injurious to health, it addicted many individuals to smoking. The different cigarette types include;

  1. Bidis
  2. Cigars
  3. Clove cigarettes 
  4. Electronic or e-cigarettes 
  5. Hookahs
  6. herbal cigarettes
  7. Menthol cigarettes
  8. Regular cigarettes

Individuals consume cigarettes all over the world, in some form or another. Almost all cigarette boxes are flip-top boxes. They have a lid that can be rotated at a hundred- and eighty-degree angle to open the box. It displayed the cigarette boxes at the retails, often in counter display boxes, where individually packed boxes can exhibit. Sometimes, the brands also pay for shelf display boxes to grab the attention of the customers.

What do the colors on printed cigarette boxes tell the customers?

Most brands of cigarettes follow a pattern or universal code based on colors. This type of color-coding helps the customers identify the intensity of tobacco and tar. White, Silver, Gold, Yellow, and Blue cigarette packets are considered lighter and hence, less harmful. 

We consider the darker and warmer hues on these printed cigarette boxes more harmful due to the higher concentration of tar, tobacco, nicotine, etc. These colors include; red, black, etc. 

It is important to note that in almost all the countries of the world underage sales of cigarettes are prohibited. The health complications associated with smoking include;

  1. Stroke
  2. Reduced fertility
  3. Premature and/or defects in babies
  4. Lung Cancer
  5. Heart Diseases
  6. Diabetes
  7. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) 
  8. Asthma etc.

Health providers encourage their patients to quit smoking to reduce risks associated with these complications from their lives.

How brands improve the looks of custom printed cigarette boxes

The cigarette boxes in USA manufacturers and brands use various finishes and add-ons to improve the looks of these boxes. Some brands use Spot UV on their printed cigarette boxes’ visual content so that the logo, image, and slogan printed on these boxes remain visible even in dim lights. Spot UV is also used to add optical illusions to the boxes and enhance the designs. The smooth fluid-like shine is attention-grabbing, which helps boost sales. Premium brands in cigarettes augment the look and feel of their cigarette boxes by using exclusive options like foil stamping. These brands use silver, golden, and rose gold, to add tints of metallic shine to text and other design elements of the boxes. It helps in making these boxes stand out and win over the competition. If you are a cigarette brand seeking similar options to make your brand shine in the retail world, make sure to check out the winning and versatile customization tools that ClipnBox offers. We promise you wont be disappointed.


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